- I had my first laser hair removal under arms treatment 3 weeks ago, and I lost 90% of my underarms hair already. I am due for another treatment in 2 weeks and I so pleased with the results. Thanks to Julia, she was very knowledgeable and nice. Definitely recommend this to all my friends
January 10, 2006

- I enjoy working with "B".She makes me feel comfortable. I feel much better. I will schedule another appointment with "B".
January 13, 2006

- I had my first colonic today, it was wonderful. I will return in a few days. Thank you for making me feel comfortable and at ease. I feel that colonic helped me a great deal
February 20, 2006

- I would like to thank everybody at Clarity for the wonderful service they provided. I had my upper lip done twice and I have no hair there what so ever. I could not believe it when 3 weeks after my first treatment I was almost hair free. Both Julia and I think that I may not need to come for the third treatment . Thank you very very much. P.S I only have one regret- I should have done it earlier
March 02, 2006


 - I would like to recommend Clarity MediSpa to everyone I know. I had laser hair removal ( I was skeptical, so I just did my upper lip first, in 4 weeks I returned for the second treatment and did my underarms and bikini area as well) I was extremely pleased with the results. By the fourth time the hair on my upper lip disappeared totally and by the third time hair under arms and in the bikini area were almost gone as well. I also did 5 sessions of colonics and I feel great, I lost 5 lb and are now much more regular and less gassy (sorry for the graphic details). And last but not least I would like to thank Marina for outstanding facial and eye brow waxing she did. She really knows her staff and I came out of the room glowing.
 March 25, 2006
 - I just had microdermabrasion and it was the best one so far. I had microdermabrasion before at the dermatologists office and it was quick and impersonal experience for a very high price. Microdermabrasion at clarity was wonderful, Irena took her time to explained the procedure, she cleaned my face with cleanser, then she did micro, then she applied a cooling mask, then a moisturizer and then SPF cream. It was only $85.00 and it worth every penny.
 June 14, 2006

 - I am very pleased with the results of my neck laser hair removal. Prior to treatment, I had quite a bit of ingrown hair on my neck and it bothered me. 5 treatments later I have that problem no more. thank you Julia, I think my back is next.......
 August 19, 2006
 - All my adult life I suffered form deep lines I have around my mouth. I had always though that people were staring at me and I had developed a pretty big complex about it. So in September ( birthday present to my self) I had decided to do something about my lines. I had a Radiesse treatment done in Clarity. The only thing I have to say is it had changed my life. I feel 10 years younger, I feel prettier and sexier. All of my coworkers had notice a change in my face and my attitude. I would like to thank Irena for doing a wonderful job on the filler. I will recommend the treatment and the facility to all my friends and colleagues. Thanks again for a wonderful job.
 October 28, 2007