Ionithermie Cellulite Treatment

Monday, July 31, 2017

Detox and Muscle Stimulation

In an Ionithermie treatment, electrodes are first placed onto your skin. Galvanic and faradic stimulants from specialized equipment send a mild electrical current to the cells in the area of the body. This stimulation increases blood flow and induces repetitive muscle contractions from deep within the muscle tissue, according to The Skin Center. At the same time, ingredients such as algae are used that aid in the detoxification of the body. Heat-conducive clay helps to transfer the heat and current to the body’s cells beneath the top layer of skin. Repetitive muscle contraction causes a toning of the muscles, while heat and energy help to reduce cellulite.

Get Smoother Skin

Many women find Ionithermie treatments to be very effective in firming their muscles and reducing cellulite. The five key outcomes of the treatment are a reduced appearance of cellulite, a smoother skin consistency, a contoured look to the body, firmed and toned muscles and body detoxification. One 60-minute session can remove an inch or two from the circumference of a woman’s thigh area.

Risks and Side Effects

The Houston Med Center states that there are some risks and potential side effects of the treatment. Skin irritation and redness are the most common side effects of Ionithermie. Patients with any metal plates or pins in their body should not receive Ionithermie. You may be sore from the muscle contractions up to a few days after the treatment.

Treatment Costs

Ionithermie cellulite treatment sessions cost $125 per seesion (summer special).With any questions please call us 410-517-1488

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